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August's Birthstone - Pretty in Peridot!

August's Birthstone - Pretty in Peridot!


The Peridot is one of the most unique gemstones and is August’s birthstone! Famous for its incredible bright green pigment, the Peridot has long been treasured by the likes of the ancient Egyptians & Romans. In fact, the Peridot was so prized its mines were heavily guarded in ancient times and often used to decorate intricate cathedrals.


Today, the Peridot makes for the ultimate staple jewelry in a stylish wardrobe. Its apple-green color adds the perfect pop of color to any of today’s modern outfits and the Peridot is perfect when set in pendants, earrings, & rings. The Peridot is most commonly sourced from the United States and the Middle East. Peridot can be found in states like Arizona and Hawaii, specifically.


Whether you’re looking for the perfect birthstone piece or desire a beautifully unique staple piece, the Peridot is an impeccable choice for you! We have created a Pinterest board with some of our FAVORITE Peridot pieces - readily available to order on our website! Browse the board and decide which Peridot piece is right for you, then click on the pin to be directed to the item on our website.






Source: American Gem Trade Association

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