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1/20 ctw Bumble Bee Round Cut Diamond Petite Fashion Pendant With Chain in 10K Yellow Gold
Bees are symbolic of community, industry, knowledge, good luck, and love. This makes them a brilliant charm for jewelry, which is quite demanded by buyers. This exquisite diamond bumble bee fashion pendant makes for an elegant choice, be it symbolic...
$450.00 $349.00
1/10 Ctw Round Cut Diamond Heart Pendant in 10K Rose Gold with Chain
Present her this lovely diamond heart pendant for a gorgeous everyday look. Fashioned in gleaming 10 karat rose gold, this modish open heart pendant is half-lined with dazzling 34 prong set round cut diamonds. This heart suspends close to hers...
$380.00 $299.00
1/20 ctw Bumble Bee Round Cut Diamond Petite Fashion Ring in 10K Yellow Gold
An eye-catching diamond Petite fashion ring, this captures your attention as soon as you lay eyes on it. The ring features a bumble bee motif centerpiece that is not only beautifully cutout but is also elegantly decorated with diamonds to...
$410.00 $330.00
7x7 MM Cultured Pearl and 1/6 Ctw Round Cut Diamond Fancy Pendant in 10K White Gold with Chain
This pure cultured Pearl and diamond pendant will add magic to your declaration of love. Crafted in glinting 10 karat white gold this pendant features a large cultured Pearl nestled among the sparkling 40 round cut accented diamonds in infinity...
$700.00 $560.00
1/2 Ctw Round Cut Diamond Fashion Necklace in 14K White Gold
A delicate gold station necklace with diamond studs offering it an elegant touch. This pretty necklace can be worn by itself or with other accompaniments that you may choose to wear. It features 11 bezel set round cut diamonds that...
$1,380.00 $1,100.00
7x7MM Heart Shape Garnet and 1/20 Ctw Single Cut Diamond Pendant in Sterling Silver with Chain
Adorn this ravishing Garnet and diamond pendant on her neckline. Fashioned in glinting sterling silver this swirl shaped pendant features a large gorgeous heart shape Garnet embellished by 8 shimmering single cut diamonds beautifully prong set and gorgeously dangles from...
$190.00 $129.99
1/20 Ctw Round Cut Diamond Heart Pendant in Sterling Silver with Chain
Tie an adorable heart on her neck. This open double heart motif pendant is beautifully rendered on lustrous sterling silver. Dazzling 2 round cut prong set inset diamonds add elegance to this pendant and suspended on a shimmering cable chain....
$150.00 $119.00
1/5 ctw Twisted Round Cut Diamond Infinity Fashion Ring in 14K White Gold
Infinity rings are popular as they define eternity, something that is endless. In the diamond fashion ring here, the twisted pattern continues all round, displaying continuity. The ring is stylish and an instant attraction. It features a twisted pattern that...
$1,150.00 $920.00
1/2 ctw Heart Charm Baguette and Round Cut Diamond Necklace in 14K Yellow Gold
A symbol of love, adoration, femineity, guidance, power, and life, the heart charm is a popular choice in jewelry. Gifting someone a heart charm, makes your affection felt. If you are looking for a piece of jewelry with a heart...
$1,680.00 $1,340.00
1/10 ctw Wide Split Round Cut Diamond Twist Ring in 10K White Gold
A modern diamond twist ring, this offers a simple but chic look. It features a wide split shank, with the two arms crisscrossing at the top, hence giving it the name twist ring. While one split arm is plain white...
$550.00 $440.00
1/10 ctw Cross Charm Round Cut Diamond Pendant in 10K White Gold
An attractive cross charm diamond pendant, this offers a simple, but sleek and stylish look. It features slim pear shape arms that are decorated with round cut diamonds. A bezel set round cut diamond sits in the center, at the...
$340.00 $270.00
1/20 ctw Paper Clip Link Round Cut Diamond Fashion Ring in 10K White Gold
Fashion rings are obviously designed to showcase your personality. You can choose from a multitude of designs that define your style. This diamond fashion ring is one of them. It features a paper clip link inspired center, a new entrant...
$320.00 $260.00
1/6 ctw Baguette and Round Cut Diamond Stack Band in 14K White Gold
A beautifully decorated stack band, this can be stacked with its own kind or with other stack bands to create your own unique look. Decorated with timeless baguette diamonds and classic round cut diamonds, the stack band displays a picture...
$730.00 $580.00
1/5 ctw Circular Mount Floral Round Cut Diamond Stack Band in 14K White Gold
It is good to have a few stack bands in your collection as these can be fashioned however you wish. You can include a variety of designs, such as this diamond stack band and color tones, and play around with...
$1,130.00 $900.00
3/8 Ctw Baguette and Round Cut Diamond Stackable Band in 14K White Gold
Baguette diamonds are timeless beauties that will never go out of style. So, any piece of jewelry with baguette diamonds in them will remain an eternal fashion choice. Adding a couple baguette stack bands will help you create magic with...
$1,490.00 $1,190.00
1/10 Ctw Cross Charm Round Cut Diamond Fashion Pendant in 10K White Gold with chain
A lovely fashion charms pendant, this offers appeal even in its simplicity. With a cross charm, the pendant holds great attraction for many buyers. The pendant is also enhanced with diamond embellishments to give it an elegant finish. 21 prong...
$350.00 $279.00
1/20 Ctw Triple Infinity Link Round Cut Diamond Sterling Silver Lariat Bracelet
This numerical design bracelet not only looks cool but is also apt for anytime wear. It features the figure 8 as its centerpiece, with one in the center flanked by a smaller figure 8 on either side of it. All...
$390.00 $310.00
1/4 Ctw Graduated Diamond Smile Necklace in 14K White Gold
A charming diamond necklace this offers beauty and appeal. It features an arched row of round mounts, connected in a flexible link that allows the mounts to move instead of remaining stiff where they are. The diamond necklace showcases a...
$850.00 $680.00
1/4 Ctw Lovebright Round Cut Diamond Pendant in 14K White Gold with Chain
A captivating design, this Lovebright diamond pendant is an exceptional gift for your sweetheart. Beautifully crafted in luminous 14 karat white gold this gorgeous diamond pendant features 9 round cut diamonds, perfectly invisible set. This pendant hangs with a fashionable...
$1,050.00 $840.00
1/8 ctw Marquise Lattice Hollow Drop Round Cut Diamond Pendant With Chain in 10K White Gold
Skillfully crafted, this lattice hollow drop pendant offers aesthetic beauty and elegance. The drop shape pendant is hollow in the center, while its frame is a series of alternating marquise shape and round mounts. Each of these mounts is enhanced...
$460.00 $370.00
1/4 ctw Box Chain Link Round Cut Diamond Ladies Ring in 14K White Gold
Gift your lady the glamour of diamonds. She will feel special and more loved. This beautiful box chain link diamond ring is a great selection. It features a row of 5 circular links connected via box chain links. Both links...
$960.00 $770.00
1/10 ctw Entwined Round Cut Diamond Stack Band in 14K Yellow Gold
Stack bands offer versatility, as they can be played around with, to either add volume or a chic look. You can mix and match or wear bands of the same design or even combine different gold tones to display your...
$690.00 $550.00
1/10 ctw Interlocked Round Cut Diamond Stack Band in 14K Yellow Gold
A simplistic design is made beautiful by the diamonds that decorate this stack band. With yellow gold having taken the center stage once again, this stack band is right on trend. It features a split shank with its two arms...
$860.00 $690.00
1 1/4 ctw Triple Row Round Cut Diamond Wedding Band in 14K White Gold
Classic styles continue to be in demand always, only they are upgraded to give a modern twist to them. This wedding band, which otherwise would have been a single diamond row ring, is instead widened and turned into a triple...
$4,220.00 $3,380.00
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