November's Birthstone - the Citrine – Skatells Jewelers

November's Birthstone - the Citrine

November's Birthstone - the Citrine


If gold were a gemstone, it’d be the Citrine! The Citrine is known for its deep yellow & brown tones - often referred to as the gem of the sun. The Citrine has a bright optimism about it, symbolizing warmth, positivity, and good health. If the Citrine is your birthstone, you likely radiate these qualities!


While there are some Citrine mines spread across the African continent, the primary mining source of the Citrine is Brazil. What you might not know is that sometimes the Citrine can start out as an amethyst stone. Once applied with heat, the stone turns from purple to the Citrine’s warm golden color!


Citrine pieces make the perfect gifts for those with November birthdays - and we’ve got an amazing hand-picked selection for you to choose from!


CLICK HERE to shop our favorite Citrine pieces on our website.



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