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October's Birthstone - the Opal

All about Opal - an October Birthstone


The opal is one of the most mesmerizing gemstones. Its array of colors tantalize the eye and make it translatable into any ensemble!



First and foremost, the Opal gemstone is a symbol of loyalty, wishfulness & virtue. If the Opal is your birthstone, you most likely value these qualities. While the White Opal might be the most common Opal form, there are Opal stones of all tints including black, blue, purple, green & more!


Today, Opal stones are typically sourced from North America and Australia, which means most Opals are actually home-grown. The Opal is not quite as hard as its fellow gemstones, so taking good care of your Opal pieces is important. However, taking a careful & clean approach to sporting your Opal pieces will leave you with nothing to worry about!



If you are looking to have your Opal pieces insured, you’ll definitely want to check out Montage Jewelry Care. It covers loss, theft, damage, and disappearance - you can get a free quote by calling one of our specialists at (864)576-6434.



Whether you’re an October baby or not, you will fall in love with the brilliance of an Opal gemstone. Looking to shop Opal pieces or get some opal inspo? Check out our Opal Pinterest board - each piece handpicked by us!


Click here for Opal inspo!


Source: American Gem Trade Association

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