Jewelry Consignment Opportunity:

Do you have a piece of jewelry that you don’t wear? Maybe it’s just not your “style” anymore? Maybe you inherited it, but don’t think you’ll ever wear it? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could sell it–without the headache of trying to sell it yourself? Let our experts help!

How does selling jewelry on consignment work?

Bring in the jewelry you are considering selling. Our managers will look at the pieces and let you know if it’s something we would consider for our collection. Once it meets our standards, we suggest a selling price. Then we give you a contract, clean it up, inventory it, and put in in our case. We are fully-insured and take great care of your pieces while they are at our store. Once it sells, we charge a commission (a percentage of the selling price). If it doesn’t sell after 6 months, we return it to you. There is no charge if it doesn’t sell–so it’s risk free!

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